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Ghadeer Alawadhi an artist from Kuwait. She hold a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication Design. Who has shown his work in galleries throughout Kuwait and neighboring countries. 

Her medium of sensualized abstract paintings are intended to be felt as much as observed. Consequently, the compositions combine abstraction with expression, irrepressibly compelling the observer to engage in a sustained emotional dialogue with themself. Elements of cultural photography transported in to painting on paper and canvass. she embodies the advantages of an untarnished by formality and conventions; unrestrained in her artistic ambition, and inspired by the public scene and her own creative ideals. which are naturally imperfect.

Her abstract drawings expressive style relate to nature, human and figurative elements.
deliberate and conscious decision to use a particular color, a specific form are present in his works. she uses a mixed technique (water color, acrylic, and pastel), combining painting with elements of drawing. form and background converse. In such a way, the looseness and unpredictability of the stain stands out, refer to reality as it simply is, random, uncontrollable and unpredictable. Where her raw and gestural marks and splashes of color can be characterized as part abstract and part impressionist.

Ghadeer hopes to remind and reconnect the viewer back to nature by showing its power and diversity in a strong yet delicate visual language.


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